Arriving almost exactly a year after their debut album, Washington, DC band Fire & The Wheel return with new single 'Blow Darts' which shows them in fine form. This horn-fuelled indie-rock number shows no signs of writer's block or second album syndrome, in fact it's more catchy and lovable than the similar powerpop tracks that comprised the first record."

5/11/13 – Five for Free #180

“Sounding like a cross between Jesus and Mary Chain post-Joy Division moodiness, Pink Floyd scope and sense, and the spacious, desert-fueled hypnotics of Calexico, Fire and the Wheel insidiously worked their way into my cortex and now I can’t seem to get them to leave. The album is an epic concept work, about friendship and mental illness. But to be honest, I don’t really hear that. I just hear gorgeous harmonies, low pulsing bass runs, grand prog expansiveness, and those damn horns. Those killer horns.

A surprising tilt of articulate indy rock. A definite keeper.”

7/09/12 – Album Review

“Their dynamic, self-titled LP was exemplified to the fullest onstage, as the eclectic groove of trumpet, keys, drums and guitar drove a powerful live performance…There was no doubt that these were veteran musicians, and this was a performance packed full of emotion and raw energy that could only be pulled off by an experienced group.”

6/13/12 – Live Review

“It’s very refreshing to hear an album written for listeners to digest as complete body of work in today’s world of iTunes singles…There is a lot to appreciate in the musicianship and care that went into each of these songs…what you will hear is a homage soundtrack to many of the fundamental creations that have made rock music great for the last several decades. (With no shortage of epic drama, to be sure).”

6/11/12 – Album of the Month

“When first playing the album, there is no words to exactly describe it, still, there wasn’t nothing [sic] that was telling us to stop playing it. Actually their intention might have been exactly don’t let listeners go.”

6/2/12 – ‘Daily Dose’

“Fire and the Wheel has an almost unclassifiable originality that could only be described as a sound reminiscent of David Bowie, Death Cab for Cutie and Gustavo Santaollala were put in a blender and drizzled with some analogue synthesizers, cathedral like reverbs and even some ‘Mexican showdown’-style brass. The eclectic combination of instruments and use of low end in the recording make for a very fresh sound…Eccentric harmonies, spastic and intriguing storylines and epic full-band crescendos will hold you in the wild sonic world of Fire and the Wheel, and keep you attentively listening the whole way through this synth-noir work of art.”

5/30/12 – Album Review

“I carefully stuck to the pattern, piece by meticulous piece, and this was my life. I built it up until it no longer had legs to stand on. The pattern became random; I couldn’t keep track. And I was finally happy. This is my life.”

5/24/12 – Song Review

“The crowd swayed and danced and got into the groove while F&TW commanded the stage with power, grace, and one sweet ‘stache.”

5/20/12 – Show Review

“We all know DC’s musical rep. And yes, this city does certain sounds very, very well. Sometimes, though, it’s a breath of fresh air when something straight up different joins the party, and that’s just what Fire and the Wheel is doing.”

5/16/12 – “the Untitled Interview”

"Within a blink of an eye, it seemed as if Fire and the Wheel appeared almost out of nowhere into the D.C. music scene. With a full-length album and release show booked at the Black Cat Mainstage on May 19th right out of the gate, one would think this band has been playing for many years. However, Fire and the Wheel is a relatively new band-although the members of the group are far from rookies to the city’s scene."

5/15/12 – Interview

“…a work of considerable merit… The grand ambition not only lies in the objective, it’s also ingrained in the music itself. Lush arrangements are used, lashings of brass and careful production and mixing are all liberally applied as more than just superficial decoration to disguise a mediocre batch of tunes.”

5/1/12 – album review